Mark ZuckerbergAny day now Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook status may read: On an immigration mission.

Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, is said to be forming an advocacy group focused on comprehensive immigration reform, according to Politico, a political news website.

The 28-year-old would be the latest of a growing chorus of high-tech leaders pushing for a reform to the immigration system that would make it easier to recruit foreign highly-skilled workers.

In recent months, tech industry leaders have met with President Obama and members of Congress to push for expanded visas for high-tech workers, as well as for provisions that would give more opportunities to foreign students who receive degrees in science and technology to qualify for permanent U.S. residency.

Steve Case, a founder of AOL, testified at the first Senate hearing this year on immigration legislation.

Tech leaders say a better immigration system is crucial to keeping the United States out front globally on digital matters.

Zuckerberg reportedly has already poured millions into the advocacy group, which is likely to be a non-profit, and which Politico said would start with a focus on immigration reform.
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