1of5The number of illegal immigrants deported from the United States has doubled in the last decade, to almost 400,000 in fiscal 2012.
Another fact is that 1 of 5 deportees had a children who were born in the United States according to Immigration and customs Enforcement.

Legally, any child born in the U.S. is an American citizen. It just isn’t right to deport immigrant parents who have children who were born in America.

I believe they should simply be given an opportunity to get even with the law, which doesn’t exist at the moment.
The only options they have is to either go back home with their kids (and keep in mind that sometimes they have been in the U.S. for over 10 years) who are American citizen by birth right, or the parents have to agree to be deported, and leave their kids behind. Let’s be honest here, we already know that these two options are not much of a choice. To realize that, simply put yourself in their shoes. No parent, with common sense will ever agree to leave their kids behind.

The reality is that these are U.S. citizen children, and just like any other child in the world, they didn’t ask to be born. It is there birth right to stay in the Country. If you deport their parents, not only you are destroying the life of that young child, but there is going to be a huge social cost to that deportation that tax payers have to pick up.

Of course you might think, that some people will take advantage of that. Come to America, have a kid and use them as an “anchor” to stay in the Country legally. But keep in mind, this is a nation of immigrants! We all, somewhere, somehow have an ancestor who came here as an immigrant. So unless you are a native american, you should start packing also.

I believe that people need to be given a common sense opportunity to get right with the law. A choice that doesn’t involve breaking the families apart, and a fair option that gets the parents out of the dark. By that I mean a pathway to citizenship that gets them into the system, where they will obviously pay a fee, get to the back of line, pay their taxes like everyone else, and get an opportunity to become true citizen.

No one can deny that this will very much boost the economy of the Country.